Water Sport FAQ
  • 1. Is the ThermalTek® heating wire waterproof? Is it washable?
    ThermalTek® is waterproof, soft, flexible and does not oxidize with age. It's been tested to be twisted for more than 55,000 times per UL standard without damage. It's washable, and we recommend hand wash for better protection of the garment. Please remove batteries and put-on connector cover prior to washing.
  • 2. When the neoprene wetsuit already possesses thermal protection, why do I need the Thermalution® Power Heated Undersuit?
    Thermal protection of wetsuit is limited to insulate your body and minimize heat loss. When diving, as you descend in the water, your wetsuit will be compressed due to water pressure. This compression of the wetsuit reduces your buoyancy and thermal protection. There is no way to make up for the lost insulation once you're in the water EXCEPT for using our Thermalution® Power Heated Undersuit as it can GENERATE heat instead of only being able to reduce heat loss. Also, the thickness and quality of neoprene determine the function of wetsuit. The thicker the neoprene, the warmer you'll feel, but you may get extremely exhausted by putting a thick wetsuit on. With our Thermalution® Power Heated Undersuit, you can say good-bye to thick wetsuits and enjoy cold water activities.
  • 3. What should I be aware of before using Thermalution undersuits?
    If you observe any of the following irregularities :
    Abnormally bent/twisted cables.
    Cracks or cuts on the cables exterior.
    Deformed or twisted connectors.
    Unequal distribution of heat on heating module.
    Stop using the product and contact your local distributor for repair immediately.
  • 4. Is there a special procedure required for the maintenance of the product?
    Yes. We strongly recommend our products to be hand washed to prevent damage to the heating module. In order to avoid salt water damaging the product, please rinse and clean the entire suit by tap water, and wipe dry the connector heads.
  • 5. How to wear the Thermalution® Power Heated Undersuit?
    Fully charge the battery and connect the batteries before putting it on. Normally, the undersuit is worn directly on your skin, but if you have sensitive skin, we strongly recommend you put on a layer before the undersuit with your wetsuit immediately outside it.
  • 6. How to store the undersuit / bodysuit properly?
    When you wish to store the suit, you should follow these general rules:

    Make sure the power has been turned off.

    Unplug the batteries from the power connectors.

    Check the thermal module is cool.

    Check the controls and cords for any unusual things, such as a cracks, cuts or crimped area in the insulation.

    Hang the suit on a hanger. Be careful not to put the suit into a sharp hard fold.

    Loosely wrap the battery cords in a separate loose coil. Always keep the cord loose being sure not to pinch the cord or put it into a severe strain anywhere.

    When you about to use the suit after storage, make certain that the battery and controller connectors are connected tightly. Insecure connections are the cause for many safety (e.g. overheating) and reliability (e.g. controllers don't work properly) problems.
  • 7. Under what circumstances, the Thermalution® undersuit may overheat?
    The heating module on the Thermalution® undersuit may overheat under some exceptional circumstances and/or due to improper usage. It is user's responsibility to use the undersuit as guided and follow these general rules:

    You must unplug and disconnect the battery from the connector and heating module when the undersuit is not in use.

    If you are using the wireless remote controllers (i.e. products such as Yellow Grade Plus, Red Grade Plus, Red Grade Ultra) please always double check the vibration of the receiver on the undersuit itself when you are switching from the wireless remote. There are cases that the indicator light on the remote has been turned off, but the receiver did not vibrate, which means the signal did not successfully passed onto the heating system.

    If you are wearing Thermalution undersuits with dry suits, please frequently adjust the heating temperature according to your need. When you feel overheat please switch the temperature level to low, or turn off the system. Moreover, you may wear an under layer underneath the product to avoid skin irritation from heat.

    When the system is on You should NEVER twist, hard fold and/or put weight on the undersuit.

    WARNING : an exceptional event can lead you to retire a product, such as battery connector, controller or cables was crushed by heavy item, battery connector is bended by heavy press or shape of battery connector and controller is changed.
  • 8. How can I find the Barcode Number from the Undersuit?
    BOX / Manual :

    Undersuit :
    You may find the other barcode inside the undersuit where at lower part sewed with washing label. ( This barcode number is not for Product Registration. )

    Please keep your barcode number, the barcode number can be found from Thermalution packing box, instruction manual and inner of your undersuit. If you have to cut the barcode number from your undersuit, please keep it as you may need to provide it for repair service tracking or warranty service purposes. Losing the barcode number could possiblye lose your warranty rights.

  • Controller
  • 9. What do I do if the slide switch on the controller start to seize?
    Please soak it in clean water for a few minutes and push the switch on the controller underwater for several times. It might be jammed with sand.

  • Battery & Charger
  • 10. Is the battery safe in deep salt water?
    The batteries used are the same type of batteries found in your mobile phone or mp3 player, hence there is no danger of radiation, electric shock or explosion from our batteries. The difference is that they are contained in a completely waterproof case and are connected to your undersuit with waterproof connectors that have been gold-plated to prevent corrosion from seawater. In addition, our batteries have been tested 100m underwater for pressure resistance to ensure performance.
  • 11. What is the performance time of the Thermalution® Power Heater Undersuit?
    Battery No. Use Time Product Names
    SPE-002-G 60 - 90 minutes Red Grade Ultra (Battery 2pc.)
    SPE-002-G 90 - 120 minutes Green Grade (Battery 1pc.)
    SPE-002-C 90 - 120 minutes Blue Grade
    Surf Series
    Compact Dive Series
    SPE-002-E 180 - 240 minutes Yellow Grade Plus+
    Red Grade Plus+
  • 12. What should I look out for when discharging the battery?
    To keep the battery operating at maximum efficiency, we recommend using the suit frequently. If not, please fully charge and discharge the battery once a month.

    Because the Thermalution undersuits are designed for underwater activities, so you must take extra caution when discharging the battery to avoid any accidents. When you are discharging the batteries, please follow these general rules:
    Discharging the battery in a moderate (5 to 35°C; 41 to 95°F ) room temperature environment.
    Soak the undersuit in cold water during discharging.
    Lay the undersuit flat, unfold and do not place anything on top of the undersuit.
    Never leave the discharging battery unattended.
    Never discharge the battery in a car, anywhere under the sun, close to heat sources or any other environments that may be above room temperature.
  • 13. My charging Dock LED doesn't on and couldn't charge the remote controller.
    When the wireless controller's battery is exhausted complately, it may cause the charging circuits to fail and prevent it from being able to charge completely.

    In order to avoid this situation, please charge the remote controller after each dive. If this happened and your remote fails to work, please contact your local distributor to seek replacement.
  • 14. My Charging Dock (SPE-004-E) for wireless remote controller keeps beeping, and it can't charge properly.
    Please try to move the remote controller to the right position till the beep stops, use a different USB cable or try using another power adaptor. If it still fails to charge, please go contact your local distributor for repair and replacement.

  • Battery & Charger
  • 15. What is the difference between Power Heated Undersuit Compact Dive Series and Surf Series?
    The Surf Series Undersuit is designed for surfing and other water activities performed largely above the water, while the Compact Dive Series Undersuit is designed for diving purposes. There are no functional differences between the two products, but the Surf Series Undersuit is less capable of diving into deep depths as it can not handle as much water pressure as the Compact Dive Series Undersuit.
  • 16. How do I do if the power cable and battery cable too loose after they are connected? ( For : Water Sport Series Red Grade Ultra )
    If necessary, wrap the extra cable around the elastic ring as shown in the diagram.
    >>> Red Grade Ultra
  • 17. Why does my back have red marks after wearing the heated undersuit?
    Red marks may be caused by pressure , temperature or sensitive skin. In most cases the marks will disappear on its own, and we recommend wearing another undergarment if you wish to prevent red marks in the future.

An exceptional event can lead you to retire a product, such as battery connector, controller or cables was crushed by heavy item, battery connector is bended by heavy press or shape of battery connector and controller is changed.