Outdoor Series FAQ
  • 1. Is there a special procedure required for the maintenance of the product?
    Yes. We strongly recommend our products to be hand washed to prevent damage to the heating module.

    Washing attention :
    Remove battery before washing.
    Hand-wash your heated Outdoor Series product with cold water only.
    Wipe the power plugs dry with a piece of dry cloth after washing, then leave it to air dry.
    Do not operate the products before it is completely dry.
    Do not tumble dry. No spin or bleach.
    Do not turn the power on if the connectors are still wet.
  • 2. How to store the vest properly?
    When you wish to store the vest, you should follow these general rules:
    Make sure the power has been turned off.

    Unplug the batteries from the power plug.

    Check the thermal module is cool.

    Check the batteries and cords for any unusual things, such as a crack, cuts or crimped area in the insulation.

    Hang the vest on a hanger. Be careful not to put the vest into a sharp hard fold.

    Loosely wrap the battery cords in a separate loose coil. Always keep the cord loose being sure not to pinch the cord or put it into a severe strain anywhere.

    When you about to use the vest after storage, make certain that the batteries and outdoor vest power plug are connected tightly. Insecure connections are the cause for many safety (e.g. overheating) and reliability (e.g. controllers don't work properly) problems.
  • 3. The Outdoor Series products require batteries to active the heating function. What should I pay attention to when I use them?
    The Thermalution heating Outdoor Series products comes with a Smart Li-ion Batteries. Please attention to the following:
    Please do not disassemble, heat or expose the product to fire.
    Please keep batteries away from metal parts.
    When the power runs out, remove the batteries from belt immediately.
    Avoid strong impact as it may cause the deformation of the battery.
    Do not expose the battery to humid environments.
    Plug into the socket tightly!
    Charge Battery Charge the battery for up to 4 hours or until it is fully charged before removing battery from the charger.

Please also take note of the following issues while you are using Outdoor Series products:

! The Outdoor Series product is designed for activities on land only. The entire product, including batteries are not waterproof and cannot resist water pressure. Please do NOT use it for any water or underwater sports.

! The Outdoor Series product is designed for warmth up on land only. It is not waterproof and cannot resist water pressure. Please do NOT use it for any water or underwater sports.

! Please turn off the power, take out batteries, and pull out the power plugs from batteries while the product is not being used.

! Please charge batteries when you feel the warmth is unsatisfactory.

! For best results wear light clothing between your skin and the product.

! WARNING : an exceptional event can lead you to retire a product, such as battery connector, controller or cables was crushed by heavy item, battery connector is bended by heavy press or shape of battery connector and controller is changed.