About Thermalution

With the idea of providing warmth in winter, the founder of Petatech® travels the world to promote the latest products, sending warmth to all corners of the world. A brand that feeds your need with modern technology, and gives warmth to the universe.

Thermalution® Story
The founder of Petatech® is an energetic and passionate person. Behind her innovative designs and creations, there is a heart-warming tale about how it all began.

One day in that particularly cold winter of 1995 in New Zealand, where she resides, she picked up a young hitchhiker. His gear and outfit told her that he was a globe-trekker. Before his departure, he wanted to write down contact information. He took off his gloves revealing freezing purple fingers with a couple of them missing. The young man explained that he ran into snowstorms and experienced severe frostbite.

On her way home, she couldn't stop thinking about how to keep warm in extremely cold temperatures. An inspiration came to her. Find clothing that generates heat!

By the year 2000, this simple idea became a reality. A series of self-heating products attracted attention from all over the world. At the international trade show in London that year, a gentleman picked up a pair of self-heating gloves and sighed, "If only you were here earlier!" Then he showed his hands with some fingers missing from frostbite. He is a member of a glacier expedition team.

All products generated by Petatech® are made with the same concept in mind: to bring warmth to the world. The entire Thermalution® crew is willing to dedicate their best creations to each and every consumer and hope that their products can also give warmth to your heart.