Water Sport Series


World first inner power heated under glove for wetsuit and drysuit.
Individual CPS control with 3 power level settings on each hand. Soft and light material for better hand feeling and high sensitivity to objects. Standalone or add on by the Thermalution heated undersuit system and no need to have extra battery.

Suitable for depths up to 100m (300ft) deep.
Non-metallic heating panel positioned to warm up your hands.
CPS temperature micro-controller with on/off switch and 3 temperature settings.
Built in microchip within controller providing extra stability for temperature control.

Thermalution funtion Icon

Heating Zone
Icon_Time Battery duration may vary due to the temperature Sensor activities.
Continuous power output approximately 250-350 mins.

How to use ...
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Power Heated Under Gloves
PSD11-AC : Connect the Gloves with the battery.
PSD11-BC - ADD-ON : Connect the Y Cable to battery and your undersuit.


Turn on and off the Gloves by simply placing the pointer stick on top of the receiver. Adjust the temperature setting by placing the pointer stick on top of the receiver.

Under Gloves - Size Chart
size chart of sleeveless
Error value: ± 1 cm / 0.4 inch
In order to optimize the heating performance of the thermalution, we strongly advise our customers to wear smaller fitted sizes of the thermalution. Please refer to the size chart above to find the recommended size of Thermalution for you.

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Thermalution Q & A
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Attention-Read Manual Read and fully understand operator's manual before using this product. Failure to follow operating instructions and any misuse of Thermalution products will create additional dangers.

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