Water Sport Series


The full body undersuit is equipped with a wireless controller that can be recharged wirelessly and an additional heating element located on the thighs. It is a professional model most suitable for those who dives deep or in a dry suit.

The Answer to Your Prayers.
We heard the feedback, and we read the comments. You wanted more heat, so we bring you more heat than ever before. The Red Grade Ultra is the hottest product we have created yet, and that is saying something.

Double the Action.
With the additional heating elements focused on your thighs, the Red Grade Ultra will improve the blood circulation of your lower extremities and provide you with unparalleled agility. We just hope you can harness the heat.

100m / 300ft deep -100m / 300ft
Suitable for depths up to 100m (300ft) deep. You can wear the Thermalution® Red Grade under your dry suit.
Wireless Controller Wireless Controller
Wireless temperature micro-controller with on/off switch and 3 temperature settings with lights indication.
Non-metallic heating panel Heating
Non-metallic heating panel positioned on the back to warm up your core area.
battery waterproof Battery
The high capacity lithium polymer battery has been tested under water to be waterproof.

Thermalution Red Grade Ultra

Just put down to charge up.
Wireless Charging Dock
Rechargeable Wireless remote controller

Icon_Time Battery duration may vary due to the temperature Sensor activities.
Continuous power output approximately 60-90 mins.

How to use ...

Push the battery connector through the hole of the battery pocket at the bottom. Place the battery inside the battery pocket.


Connect both connectors, wear the Red Grade Ultra bodysuit and affix the strap around your forearm and adjust the controller to a comfortable position.


Push the button upward once to adjust between the temperature settings. When the setting is on, the light will flash and the receiver will vibrate.

Red Grade Ultra - Size Chart
size chart of Red Ultra
Error value: ± 1 cm / 0.4 inch
In order to optimize the heating performance of the thermalution, we strongly advise our customers to wear smaller fitted sizes of the thermalution. Please refer to the size chart above to find the recommended size of Thermalution for you.

! Please switch off the remote controller and remove batteries immediately while after diving.

! When the wireless controller's battery is exhausted complately, it may cause the charging circuits to fail and prevent it from being able to charge completely.
In order to avoid this situation, please charge the remote controller after each dive. If this happened and your remote fails to work, please contact your local distributor to seek replacement.

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Thermalution Q & A
For more detailed information please visit our Q&A page.

Attention-Read Manual Read and fully understand operator's manual before using this product. Failure to follow operating instructions and any misuse of Thermalution products will create additional dangers.

Check Thermalution.com for updates and additional information. >> By creating an account you can free to download updated instruction manual for your undersuit! << Contact Thermalution if you have any doubts or difficulty understanding these instructions.

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