Water Sport Series


Thermalution® Green Grade is a standard power heated undersuit designed to give you warmth while doing general water activities throughout cold conditions.

Rethink the impossible.
Ever considered bringing your electric blanket for a swim? Well consider it done with the revolutionary Thermalution Green Grade. Utilizing non-metallic heating wires and a premium blend of nylon and lycra, this innovative concoction will bring you warmth under and above the ocean.

Well-done or medium-rare?
With the completely water proof controller, you can adjust between the temperature settings even underwater. The Green Grade boasts an elegant and slim design that will ensure you never get too hot or too cold when you catch that next wave.

Thermalution Green Grade

Icon_Time Battery duration may vary due to the temperature Sensor activities.
Continuous power output approx max 90-120 mins.

How to use ...

Push the battery connector through the hole of the battery pocket at the bottom. Place the battery inside the battery pocket.


Connect both connectors and wear the Green Grade undersuit.


Operate the Temperature Micro-Controller. Push button upward once to adjust temperature setting.

Green Grade - Size Chart - PSD09-AI
XS - 29.5"~33" / 75~83.8 cm
S - 33"~36.5" / 83.8~92.7cm
M - 36.5"~40" / 92.7~102cm
L - 40"~43.5" / 102~111cm
XL - 43.5"~46.75" / 111~118.8cm
XXL - 46.75"~50" / 118.8~127cm
Error value: ± 1 cm / 0.4 inch
In order to optimize the heating performance of the Thermalution, we strongly advise our customers to wear smaller fitted sizes of the Thermalution. Please refer to the size chart above to find the recommended size of Thermalution for you.

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