Outdoor Series


Forget those bulky jackets and thick thermal underwear! The Thermalution® Outdoor Series is a great choice of products for people who work in harsh weather conditions or hikers, fishermen, trampers, snowboarders, and even people who are just generally cold.

Be in charge your own climate.
With the Outdoor Series, you will be able to control your own temperature anytime, anywhere with our three-level setting micro controller. With our Power Heated Vests heating up your core temperature, you will get the agility you deserve in light-weight garments with the warmth you've always wanted.

A great choice.
Pamper yourself with our elegant designs, and gear up for a whole winter of energetic outdoor activities. Emits safe Far Infrared Ray, it will help blood circulation, promote cell and tissue regeneration, relief pain and stress, and bring comfort to the whole body.


Thermalution Power Heated Vest

Icon_Time Battery duration may vary due to the temperature Sensor activities. Continuous power output appromax 180 mins.

How to use ...

Place the batteries in to the inner pockets of the vest.


Connect both connectors, and wear the vest.


Adjust the temperature setting by simply placing the CPS panel next to the CPS controller for 1 second and moving it away.


Heated Vest - Size Chart - PSD06-A
S A : 53cm / 21" B : 67cm / 26.3"
M A : 55cm / 21.5" B : 69cm / 27"
L A : 57cm / 22.5" B : 71cm / 28"
XL A : 60cm / 23.6" B : 73cm / 29"
Error value: ± 1 cm / 0.4 inch
In order to optimize the heating performance of the Thermalution, we strongly advise our customers to wear fitted sizes of the Thermalution. Please refer to the size chart above to find the recommended size of Thermalution for you.

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